" Save Our Reef "

" To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing
environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving tourism industry. "

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Reuters Diver Club Activities - Reefs Clean up

On the busy Friday evening of Bangkok, Mar 9th, 30 Reuters Diver Club members flew to Phuket, the famous vacation spot in Southern Thailand, on a mission to help save the coral reefs. We have joined the Green Fins Project - sponsored by Reuters Thailand Limited (and also self funding from all of us) - and committed to spread the knowledge we have learned from this two day event; how to clean up, monitor the reefs and preserve them for future generations.




Mar 10th, in the early morning, everyone jumped into the Blue water with 80 3 year old Giant Clams. These were placed around the reef of Loh-La-Nah Bay which had taken a direct hit from the Tsunami on the day after Christmas 2004.



During these 2 sunny days, we all had a hand in collecting garbage from the reefs. During the reef clean up dives, the water visibility was terrible, down to 2 meters in some areas. But with all our effort and excellent underwater coordination we managed to bring up 148 Kg of non-environmental friendly rubbish, include an engine exhaust pipe, fishing net, rope, plastic sacks etc.




We declared the mission successful but there is still tons of rubbish down on the coral reefs sites which we will have to go back to continue this vital work.