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" To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing
environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving tourism industry. "

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Green Fins Thailand urge the members in Koh Tao monitor the coral reef and submit data online

Green Fins – Thailand Leader, Mr.Niphon Phongsuwan who is the Office of Inspector General and the coral reef expert from Department of Marine and Natural Resources (DMCR) gave a talk about Green Fins in Thailand and Reef Watch monitoring methodology for dive operators and local school in Koh Tao. The aim of this training was an increased volunteer network to monitor a change at their doorstep.

There were 2 workshops for diving operators and local school kids, of which 38 participants representative from 10 dive operators, and 33 local kids from Koh Tao school attend the workshops.  Additional 21 participant’s representative from government officers, school teachers, snorkelling tour operators had joined the training as well.

On the 5th July, the school kids were trained both in classroom and field practice how to monitor coral reef health using simple Reef Watch technique. They have learned about coral bleaching phenomenon at the field site which was the current situation on the ground. They could estimate the percentage cover of coral and report via Reef Watch data online. Thank you very much to Save Koh Tao Marine’s unit, Chad Scott, and our partners for the cooperation and warm welcome.