" Save Our Reef "

" To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing
environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving tourism industry. "

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Winners: The Green Fins Slogan Contest

1st prize:

Ms. Emily Grace Angelie D. Lerio, 15 years, Philippines

"Save coral reefs today - Dive the Green Fins Way"

2nd prize:

Mr. Joseph Micheal Torrijos, 22 years, Philippines

"Snorkel of dive, keep the sea clean and alive"

3d prize:

Ms. Alisa Santikarn, 13 years, Thailand

"Everybody wins when you use Green Fins"

The 1st and 2nd prize winners of the Green Fins slogan contest
together with Dr. Srisuda Jarayabhand, Coordinator for EAS/RCU
at the Regional Workshop and Launching of the Green Fins Programme,
Phuket, Thailand, 29-30 May 2007


The East Asian Seas, encompassing Australia, Cambodia, the People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam harbors more than a third of the world's coral reefs. It is also the region with the highest coral reef biodiversity in the world. Many of the estimated 1.3 billion people living within a hundred kilometers of the coast are dependant directly and indirectly on reef resources for their day-to-day survival. However, 38% of the reefs in Southeast Asia and over 14% in Northeast Asia have already been destroyed over the last few decades by pollution, sedimentation, tourist activities, and destructive fishing methods, leaving a large percentage in critical or threatened conditions. Coral reefs in the region are an important resource for the livelihoods of coastal populations and the growing dive tourism industry The potential economic value of coral reef fisheries, estimated at almost US$2.2 billion and tourism, estimated at US$4.8 billion, illustrates the high dependence of Southeast Asian countries on coral reefs for food security and tourism related revenue. As tourism grows, these reefs will come under mounting threats and pressures.

The Green Fins Programme
The "Green Fins" programme was initiated in 2004 by the East Asian Seas Regional Coordinating Unit (EAS/RCU), the secretariat of the Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA) - located in Bangkok, Thailand. It aims to encourage dive and resort operators, and inadvertently, clients who use their services to adopt environmentally-friendly practices when diving or snorkeling around coral reefs. The programme offers an avenue through which diving enthusiasts and dive operators can participate in conservation, monitoring, and management of coral reefs by fostering the adoption and practice of environmentally-friendly diving, which in turn aid in protecting the coral reefs.

The overall objective of the "Green Fins" programme is to establish a network of environmentally-friendly dive operators that generates mutual benefits for the operators as well as the environment in coral reef areas and to assist in coral reef monitoring. The programme awards certificates to dive operators who carry out their operations using a set of environmentally-friendly guidelines. Divers are encouraged to use tour operators and resorts displaying the logo (see the "Green Fins" logo above) and certificate. "Green Fins" can also contribute to biophysical and socio-economic monitoring by providing data illustrating changes in the level of awareness, coral reef health, standard of living of tour operators, and tourist behaviour, etc.

"Green Fins" was initiated in three of the most popular diving-destination countries in the region, namely Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. However, to date, only the Phuket Marine Biological Center in Thailand and Ocean Adventure in Philippines are active in implementing the programme. In Thailand, 65 diving companies are members while 200 divers signed as individual members. In the Philippines, only 10 dive operators are members of the Green Fins, but there is potential to expand the programme as licensed operators exceed 270 there. These dive operators would be targeted in the second stage that is now in progress. In Thailand, Green Fins members have also been involved in monitoring, cleanup events and awareness activities for students.

You can find further information on the Green Fins programme and related topics at www.cobsea.org

The aim of the contest is to raise greater awareness of the Green Fins programme among tour and dive operators in the 10 member countries of COBSEA, as well as the public at large, particularly tourists and diving enthusiasts whose practices affect the health of coral reefs.

The contest is open to residents of the 10 member countries of COBSEA - Australia, Cambodia, the People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. Entries are encouraged from high school and university students, members of the public, media, government, businesses, private organizations and NGOs.

Contest Dates:
The Regional Green Fins Slogan Contest begins on 13 March 2007. The deadline for entries is midnight 30 April 2007. An award ceremony for winning entries will be held in Phuket, Thailand on 30 May 2007.


Environmentally-friendly Diving and Snorkeling

Entry Rules and Conditions
1. No age limit.

2. One slogan per entry. Applicants can send as many entries as they want.

3. No more than 10 words in length.

4. It must be written in clear and concise English with the meaning reflecting the objective of Green Fins and the theme. A short, catchy slogan that encapsulates what the Green Fins programme hopes to achieve - caring and conserving our coral reefs, that is simple, easy to understand and that would appeal to a wide audience.

5. The slogan must be original, has never been used or published, and has never been submitted to any contest or won a prize in any contest before.

6. The winning slogan will be used by Green Fins for public awareness campaign.

7. Copyright of slogans for the contest is to be assigned to contest organizers. Slogan entries will not be returned.

Entry Form
Download  Entry Form

Entry forms should reach the UNEP EAS/RCU by midnight 30 April 2007. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.

Send entries to:
East Asian Seas Regional Coordinating Unit (EAS/RCU)
United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations Building, 2nd Floor, Block B
Rajdamnern Avenue, Bangkok 10200
Kingdom of Thailand
Tel: (662) 288 1905
Fax: (662) 281 2428
E-mail: jarayabhand@un.org

Winners' Selection:
Winners will be selected by a Selection Committee comprising representatives from UNEP, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, experts from COBSEA countries, Dive Operators and supporting organizations.

1st Prize:
US$300 cash prize, a Digital Camera, a return air fare to Phuket, Thailand, 2 nights accommodation in Phuket and a plaque.

2nd Prize:
US$200 cash prize, a Digital Camera, a return air fare to Phuket, Thailand, 2 nights accommodation in Phuket and a plaque

3nd Prize
US$100 cash prize, a return air airfare to Phuket, Thailand, 2 nights accommodation in Phuket and a plaque

Consolation Prizes
Commendation certificates to 20 next best entries

Supporting organizations:
Tourism Authority of Thailand
Siam Cement Group
Thai Airways International
Nikon Corporation, Thailand